Audrey is that rarest of yoga instructors — someone who brings genuine intelligence, warmth, passion and humour to her practice without a single false or forced moment.
— Stephen Gauer, writer and yogin
Audrey is like a brilliant diamond. In her classes she grounds you down to enable you to rise, open, and shine. Her teaching is potent and powerful and she opens me up profoundly each time I have the pleasure of being her student; and her spirit off the mat radiates all the same. It’s a pleasure to know and work with Audrey.
— Christine Russell, co-founder 889 Yoga
Audrey has a deep understanding of the Asanas and teaches interesting transitions into the most complex poses.
She reads a class very well and always provides modifications that welcome all levels of students into her flow. Her enthusiasm and sense of humour will keep your mind focused throughout the practice and lighten things up. Detailed Asana demonstrations are an indication of the depth of experience that Audrey brings to every lesson.
It is my understanding that in order to master yoga, one must teach it and it is in that spirit that Audrey leads a class: There is always something to learn.
So, look up Audrey’s teaching schedule in the city and go!
— Michael Hull, Yogin
I can’t say enough about how much I love Audrey’s classes. She is is sweet, funny, authentic, and creates sequences that are challenging and creative, without being scary or overwhelming. She is without a doubt one of the most professional and caring yoga teachers I’ve ever met and is an integral part of the Union Yoga family.
— Ruby Knafo, Studio Director Union Yoga & Wellness
I have been working out with Audrey for nearly two years now. What makes her special is her holistic approach to personal training and complete investment in her clients. I suffer from a weak back and Audrey has designed a program that specifically works to strengthen my back as well as tone the rest of my body. I am happy to state that, two years in, my back pain is totally gone and I feel stronger and healthier.
— Sheetal Mehta Karia, private client