Shiva Rea
"I embrace yoga as a universal path as well as traditional teachings and practices to cultivate and realize our full potential. Vinyasa is a natural sequence unfolding with creative intelligence - a conscious evolution connecting each moment with unifying breath. We explore embodying and living yoga in full spectrum - sun to moon, wild to sublime, fullness to simplicity, action and being. There is yoga for everyone. Let us know how we can serve your path. Light the fire "Savor the Juice... Expand the Heart Field".

Maria Garre
"One drop of the sea cannot claim to come from one river, and another drop of the sea from another river; the sea is a consistent whole. In the same way all beings are one; there is no being that does not come from the soul, and is not part of the soul." - Chandogya Upanishad

Sarah Yukie Gingrich
"Learn to listen to your inner voices, connect to your inherent grace, flow to find stillness." 

Lyne St-Roch
"Nous préconisons une approche traditionnelle du yoga qui met l’accent sur l’écoute intérieure, la présence à soi et la pleine conscience. Nous croyons qu’il est important de prendre soin de l’être dans sa globalité : tant au niveau physique, énergétique, mental/émotionnel, intellectuel que spirituel…"